Friday, May 12, 2006


Recently discovered that Sid Meier has put out an updated version of his classic Pirates! computer games: Sid Meier's Pirates! Living the Life. So of course it had to be bought.
Now I am addicted to this game. Finals are looming, and all I want to do is sit at this computer and pretend to be a pirate.
I remember playing Pirates! Gold back in the day (although it was my brother's game; I didn't get much play time) and it was grand. This version has been kicked up, graphics-wise, and seems easier to navigate. The music is swashbuckling, and the action is quick and fun.
One of the biggest drawbacks, however, is the repetitive cutscenes. They're almost exactly the same, over and over and over again. Same with the dancing and, sadly, the sword fighting - they get to be a chore pretty quickly.
Another complaint is that it's a bit on the childish side - corny and cartoony. That's okay, but wouldn't it be nice to play a grittier, adult-oriented (don't think dirty) game? The actual life of your pirate is not too realistic in this game - I mean, c'mon, pirates had to deal with guns, swords, cannons, soldiers of angry nations, disease, and bad hygiene. Life may have been swashbuckling but I'd wager it wasn't very pretty. And this game doesn't even show BLOOD.

Bottomline: full of piratey goodness and pretty damn fun at first, but sure to get boring quicker than it should.

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