Thursday, May 19, 2005

Exam Cravings?

What the hell's angels? This past week or two, as I have ploughed through finals frantically and tirelessly (okay, that last one's a lie; I'm dead tired), I've had the worst cravings EVER. I'm normally one of those folks who eat their way through final exams, but I've never craved such specific and weird stuff. I'm like a freaking pregnant woman. Here's some examples:
-plain, cooked pasta
-hot dog with mustard and a side of ranch dip
-Triscuit crackers, cottage cheese and cucumber
-pizza and peanut butter
-sandwich #21 from Togo's
-nachos and a banana milkshake
-butterscotch pudding (I usually dislike this flavor, it's too rich, but I HAD to eat some)
-sour-cream-and-onion potato chips with bean dip
-onion. Plain, raw onion. Chomped-from-the-bulb onion.
Yeah, so most of these were totally unhealthy, and the rest were just kinda kooky (I mean, c'mon, what kind of person with the merest trace of taste buds will eat onions like goddamn apples??).
On the plus side, finals are now OVER. That's right: FUCKING FINISHED. All I have next week are class "meetings" in which we get our grades and leave early and maybe watch movies. I'm so damn happy that I just can't describe; this was the most stressful semester and finals week I've ever had. I haven't even been to my job in a week, and in the past seventy-two hours, I've gotten about six hours of sleep. I was totally on the verge of tears when I turned in my last two essays today. Projects, exams, essays, all-nighters, cramming, reviewing: I'm done with them ALL! And now I'm going to sleep until Sunday.
Maybe now I will stop eating like a vacuum...