Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm an Olympian, albeit a lazy one.

Okay, Baby Kady, your fetching new outfit is done and ready to ship. See? It's going in the box.

Alright, so it's nothing impressive. But it comes with a matching hat.

Please overlook the questionable quality of the crochet borders. Auntie did the best she could, but she's not a very good hooker yet (give her a few drinks first). She's just relieved she made the Knitting Olympics deadline, meaning she's not an utter failure, just bad at time management.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy flippin' Valentine's Day.

Or, as Kristen calls it, Single Awareness Day.
I'm broke, so no gifts this year, but I still wanted in on the festivities. Hence, this little guy:

I got the idea from the Bad Juju Knit Along. I wanted to participate in that, but couldn't justify spending the time on something so useless (but so cute). Then, ding-dong! Pincushion, moron. And a project to practice da sewing skillz. Consider him a Valentine's gift to you all.
Isn't he oh-so-cute and happy? He also comes with great accessories: Love Hurts Needles and Goodbye Cruel World Noose.

I'm naming him Buddy, because he is so helpful with my sewing projects.
There has been a bit of Knitting Olympics progress around here. Along with the sleeves, finished the back of the baby sweater:

I do admit to feeling like a cop-out in this event. It's only a baby outfit; fer cryin' out loud, it's in garter stitch. But I'm still having issues fitting it in my schedule. Oh well; it's not a creative challenge, but at least I will finish by the deadline.