Wednesday, September 22, 2004


A pattern of Wednesday updates seems to be emerging. Fine by me.
I've been sick. It sucks. I'm still a tad off-color, but pretty much dandy. Can't think of which knitting project I wanna start next. I finished the Phat Hat awhile ago, the unexpected RagTime scarf nearly a month ago, and the Dia scarf on Friday (officially). I could start my "Torendii" project. I could think of a project for that fun yarn I saw at the shop. I could even finish my purse-pack (hahah). My fingers are itching to finish something, but I'm kinda uninspired, to be honest.
I need more medicine, so I'll leave y'all with this tidbit.

Quote of the week:
Kuchibashimaru: "That's right! We're the trio of fearsome..."
Hanemaru: "...super-strong..."
Tsumemaru: "...nincompoops!"
Kuchibashimaru: *WHACK* "Moron! How many times did we practice this?!
It's 'ninjas,' NOT 'nincompoops!'"

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


So it's been a week. Or two. But we all knew the daily post trend was too good to last.
I've decided to start doing occasional reviews of 'beauty products' I've tried; not because it's useful information, but because it's entertaining for me. Also, I'm a beauty product whore and this gives me a purposeful output to an otherwise wasteful pursuit.
First up is a Sugar Scrub exfoliant by CostPlus. At the risk of sounding like a two-bit yuppie drone, I'll admit that I love to exfoliate. Love it. It's a beautiful thing to step out of the shower feeling fresh, scrubbed, cleansed, and glowing (too many adjectives, do you think?). Now, the exfoliant I've been using is St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which works great but has one flaw: it smells faintly like monkey butt. So I got pretty excited when I found the CostPlus product with its lovely vanilla orange scent and its moisture-rich, natural ingredients. The smell of the sampler was mild and delicious, so I adopted a bottle, fully expecting a life-altering experience (perhaps Nirvana) when I used it the first time.
What had been a mild scent in the store proved to be a sickly-sweet gagger at home. And all those sugars and moisturizers left a coat of grease on my skin that refused to be washed off. It was the first time I've stepped out of a shower feeling dirty. Then there was the fact that I smelled like some sort of pastry for the whole day; the scent followed me around like a foul cartoon raincloud and did not fade until my next shower.
This one, sadly, gets a thumbs down. And a regretful shake of the head.

We could have been so good together.