Thursday, June 30, 2005

Scrub-a-dub-dub, I wish there was a man in my tub.

Time for some product love, aka unpaid product plugging. I think I mentioned before that I have a fetish for exfoliating, and I've finally found a product I really like.
Super Minty Soap 'n' Scrub by Bliss is freakin' awesome. Yes, it exfoliates really well, but what makes me a fan is the sweet, sweet mint action. Smells great, and gives you this wonderful cooling tingle all over (much appreciated, as I have no air conditioning right now). It also suds up like a soap for extra fun and cleansing bliss. While I'm not so sure about the "energizing" claim, the minty goodness does perk me up a bit.
It was more expensive than I liked, at about $30, but I think it was worth it. Maybe when I run out, I'll try to make my own imitation. Still, this stuff is Lainey-approved and recommend.


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