Thursday, June 16, 2005

Laziness, Vacation-ness, and PackRat-edness

Been back for a week now. D-Land was totally fun, but it was really weird to go down there without the usual D-land posse and ginger snaps (I brought Teddy Grahams for old time's sake). It was doubly weird not to be going for Expo, and the hotel room seemed bare without the costumes, refrigerator, and Expo paraphernalia. Which is not to say I didn't have a blast; I did, though, as usual, I bought a bunch of overpriced crap that I don't really need. And as usual, I probably annoyed the living hell out of my poor roommate (I don't think I'm an easy person to tolerate for short periods of time, let alone live with). But I still love me some vacations with friends.

Since the return from the magic kingdom, I've been slobbing around, putting off signing up for summer classes, and trying to find the enthusiasm to clean my den of rooms. I want to get rid of (or put in storage) everything I don't use regularly. I decided to start with the powder room, since it's much smaller and, theoretically, easier. This is me we're talking about, however, and I know I'm lazy about, well, almost everything. When I'm running low on shampoo, lotion, etc., I of course go out to buy a new bottle to have when the last of the old stuff runs out. But often I start right in on the new one, and the old one sits there for a while until I use it or pour it into the new bottle. Sometimes, I never get around to doing that, and the two drops that are "too much to throw away!" sit unnoticed in a dark corner. I knew there would be some of these Forgotten Ones in the cabinet. I also knew there would be some bottles of products that I bought at some point or another and didn't like, but, being the major packrat I am, felt it would be a waste to throw away (over half a container!).
Little did I suspect the true horror awaiting me.
I had so many Nearly Empties in there that I disgusted myself. Here's just a whiff:

All told, I disposed of about twenty or twenty-five bottles of basically nothing, some of which were years old. Included were a few bottles of Stuff I Tried But The Shit Didn't Work (all hair products). Among these was a bottle of "Super Straight Hair" shampoo, which I bought when I was about twelve or thirteen, and naively assumed that it would do as advertised, and that I could have normal, beautiful hair. I think the instant when I saw that my hair was as frizzy and curly as ever and realized that those bastards had LIED to me was the moment I lost my faith in mankind. We lie to desperate Curly Girls; we are all going straight to hell in a hand basket. Anyway, the stuff used to be a lovely light lavender color, but look at what ten years in a dark cupboard have done to it:

On the plus side, the room is very clean, empty, and probably healthier now.
Two rooms to go.

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