Thursday, February 10, 2005

Call out for noodle sushi!

Out of the darkness... an update emerged....
Yes, I realized its been nearly a month. I'm a slacker. But with school, work, and school work, I've been a busy little slacker.
I'm progressing slooowly on my projects; I can't seem to find the energy (or time) to get into the knittin' groove. So y'all get a special video game review today. That's right, my friends, wipe the tears of joy out of your eyes, 'cause we're entering the world of "PaRappa the Rappa 2."

Here's the story: our fave rappin' paper doll dog dude was lucky enough to win a lifetime supply of noodles. After weeks of noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, however, PaRappa snaps and heads out to forage for real food. Imagine his dismay when he goes to the best burger joint in town, only to discover that all the meat there has turned into (drumroll) noodles. Other things in town get noodle-ized, and PaRappa seeks out the wisdom of the best rap masters around to solve this mystery.
As the player, your job is to help PaRappa follow their example. You must press the correct combination of buttons at the right times, or else PaRappa falters in his rappin' and loses points. This can be a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but all it takes is a bit of practice and *poof* - you're a Rapping Master. This game would be a blast to play with a group; like DDR, the most fun would be laughing at each others' mistakes.
This game had bad influences on me in two ways:
1) I REALLY craved noodles for a while.
2) The songs are totally contagious. I found myself mentally rapping away during any activity - sweeping, homework, laundry, walking, and yes, knitting (knit, knitknit, purl purl!).
Ahh, I'm a dork.

"Yeah, I know! I gotta BELIEVE!" -PaRappa

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