Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day

Ok, so the post date is a blatant lie! It's actually the 30th, but I'm in end-of-Thanksgiving denial, so indulge me.
Holidays are crazy. Mum was cleaning the house like mad; everything got cleaned, even rooms the guests wouldn't be using, and items the guests wouldn't be seeing. Then the traditional Ugly Brown Dishes (hideous heavy pottery plates from the seventies - and boy, do they look it) had to be taken out of confinement and thoroughly washed. I really dislike those dishes. We use them every year, but they never feel 'familiar,' if you know what I mean. Every year they're like these foreign invaders sitting at our table. What was really funny was that the guests called to say they were sick and couldn't come - an hour before dinner.
Anywhoo, on we go. Christmas is coming. Only three more projects and my gifts will be done! I keep feeling twinges of guilt for foisting crappy homemade presents on all my poor, defenseless friends and family. But then I get so into the project that I have to believe it will be liked.

Food for thought: If your car is low on gas, is it hungry?


Speed said...

curses! thats what I got you! now when I give it to you, its not going to seem like some new whatever that I thought of all by myself, your just going to think I saw the list and dashed out to buy that for you, but no! I bought it BEFORE I saw the list!! I win, I win!! well...tune in on christmas to see what it will be. haha, I still havent given you your birthday gift, oh well, double gifts on christmas, woohoo!! heh heh...

Nemo said...

Bloody hell. You're going to keep me in suspense until Christmas?? That's downright... uh, playing by the rules. pooh.
hahah, don't deney it, missy; you got your present idea from my list, and there's no way you can prove otherwise! I win! I win?... what's that object rapidly appraching me from the left? Your fist, you say?
Dude, double gifts? It'll be like XXmas. Which is kinda kinky when you look at it.
I'm feeling guilty 'cause I haven't checked either your blog or Laura's blog in many weeks. But I'm really sleepy, so it must wait until tomorrow after work, sorry.

Speed said...

its not kinky until its XXXmas, and thats not likely to happen. Its only....ecchi with an XX. Best luck next time kid.

wha?? haven't checked my blog in many weeks, thats lame alana...very lame. Thats it, no presents for you!

what am I? the present nazi?!? okay.