Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Lemon Drop goes to Sacto!

Yup, been touring ye olde state capitol for my "distance study" class. It's been pretty fun, but I still have one or two days to complete up there, and I really want to get them done before my job gets into full swing.
I'm in a good mood. My 'potential cold' that's been plauging me for weeks is gone (knock on wood). And today, as a birthday special, I made a mascot for the site! It's Knitting Nezumi, of course, but you can call her Nez. (Okay, so the pic is rather on the childish side of cute, but what else can you expect with my poor art skills + Microsoft Paint??) Ooh, inspiration! Wouldn't it be awesome to post guest submissions of Nez? Meaning I make you, my artistically talented friends, do work for my benefit. I like this idea. Send me your artwork, people! heheh.
Since this is ostensibly a knitting blog, I suppose a knitting update is in order. Right now I'm working on Christmas presents (!), so of course I can't post pictures until after the holidays. With about 10 projects to finish, I won't be working on any of my stuff for at least a month (fahrizzle!).
Oh yeah, and since I'm another year closer to prune juice and bocchie ball, let's have some fun age statistics! Laura was worrying recently about becoming an old maid, and after that conversation I could practically hear my biological clock ticking. So I checked out a few reputable websites and guess what? The average age for a woman to get married is about 28-30. But the average divorce age is 32-36, and nearly half of all marriages in America end in divorce. So here's my thought: why not wait to get married until you're 32-36, and just do it right the first time? Ah, logic. So out of place in our modern world.

"Laura, just be the best darn spinster you can be!" - Encouraging words from Laura's mom.


Speed said...

hahah..by artistically talented friends I do hope you meant laura...if I made you something it would just turn out to be a big pile of crap...wait, this has possibilities....so even if my pic looked like donkey butts, you'd still post it right?!? heh heh eh...

Its not your birthday till tomorrow! no early presents for you! What am I? The birthday nazi?!?

What are you doing for it anyway?? Umm....I need milk.

I'm proud to be a spinster!!!!

Nemo said...

Damn, I was hoping for early presents. I figured that if I changed time on my blog, it would apply to real life. Alas, no.
hahah, dude, I would definitely post your picture, especially if it looked like donkey butts!
Spinsters rule. No sharing the bed.