Friday, October 01, 2004

Let's hear it for October!

Whoohoo! A yarn shop is the best place for inspiring a dull mind. Didn't buy much, but got some great ideas. Remember that list I posted a month ago? Here's how those projects are working out.
From the "current projects" list: Phat Hat (done, but then I decided to rework it, so it's at about 70% again), Kitty Bed (1 inch progress), and purse-pack (not a stitch).
From the "upcoming projects" list: Dia scarf (done and done. And Rira should send me pics, heheh), Slytherin scarf (postponed for more interesting projects), Awesome sweater (postponed until I acquire money to send away for the necessary yarn), and Piano scarf (haven't bought materials, but finished the design).
Projects that weaseled their way to front of queue: RagTag scarf (done), and Torendii (at maybe 15%).
So, of all seven projects on the list, one got finished. Yes!! Total failure avoided! Nice save.
New ideas: Alien scarf, mesh poncho (using that chenille yarn Kristen liked so much), winter poncho with cowl, Purplicous Scarf and Hat Duo, and a charm-ing purse.
I had planned to make my dad a sweater for Christmas. Well, I found a great pattern, but I've never done a sweater before and don't know if I can finish in time. Also, I had a fantastic idea for Rira's arm warmers, but I don't know what the hell she wants. Soft? Fuzzy? Baby blue? (hahah, she'll never guess now!) C'mon, Rira, help me out. I know I said I'd do that bunny backpack for Laura, but I'm a-gonna be honest: it's not happening anytime soon. I hate that project. You're giving me the Burning Acid Death Glare, aren't you? aww, I deserve it...

"If you're never hungry, you could keep eating delicious food!" -- Words of wisdom from SM Nawata

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