Wednesday, September 22, 2004


A pattern of Wednesday updates seems to be emerging. Fine by me.
I've been sick. It sucks. I'm still a tad off-color, but pretty much dandy. Can't think of which knitting project I wanna start next. I finished the Phat Hat awhile ago, the unexpected RagTime scarf nearly a month ago, and the Dia scarf on Friday (officially). I could start my "Torendii" project. I could think of a project for that fun yarn I saw at the shop. I could even finish my purse-pack (hahah). My fingers are itching to finish something, but I'm kinda uninspired, to be honest.
I need more medicine, so I'll leave y'all with this tidbit.

Quote of the week:
Kuchibashimaru: "That's right! We're the trio of fearsome..."
Hanemaru: "...super-strong..."
Tsumemaru: "...nincompoops!"
Kuchibashimaru: *WHACK* "Moron! How many times did we practice this?!
It's 'ninjas,' NOT 'nincompoops!'"

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