Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Supah Fantas-tiik!

urg, one of my classes got the chop. I needed that class, admin. folks. *sigh* I'm really coming to loathe the school system.
Here's a fun and exciting list of my projects, both current ("on the needle") and upcoming. If I don't write them down I have a tendency to forget.
Most basic hat (70%)
Kitty Bed (82%)
Backpack/purse thing (68%)
Dia scarf (gonna be a b-day present)
Slytherin scarf (yay! Have found perfect yarn!)
Awesome sweater for me
Piano scarf

ugh, three scarves up and coming. I hate doing scarves. The Kitty Bed has been put on hold, 'cause my cat doesn't need it anymore, so I just do a couple rows 'whenever I feel like it.' I always have several projects going at once, as I get bored doing the same one. It's rather stupid on my part, because fiddling around with a bunch at once means they all take at least twice as long to complete than they would if I concentrated on each in turn.
I'm off to eat cereal and hunt for another open class. Good night.

Background music: "Siori Yami No naka," ShakkaZombie

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