Monday, August 23, 2004

Enter at own risk?

Alright! I'm up and semi-running. Welcome to Lemon Drop! Thanks for wandering in. I finally succumbed to peer pressure and Laura/Rira-type blog-envy and created my own *shudder* blog (I hate that word). This will mostly be dedicated to my knitting hobby (and growing obsession), but other randomness will make its way in, I'm sure. I'll try to maintain a purpose to the madness, though, and keep the blog-typical inane whining to a minimum. I highly encourage visitor input, be it comments, knitting tips, recommendations, mockery, or insults. Actually, I'd prefer if you left the harsher insults at home; thanks anyway.
I think that'll do for starters. Hopefully I shall soon have pictures and projects up for your viewing pleasure, but for now I'm off to class, yay.

BGM: "Youth gone wild," Skid Row


Nemo said...

crazyiest ever.

Nemo said...

Matt, I let you view my page and what do you do? Leave a silly comment under my name so it looks like I'm talking to myself. Now my reputation in this fine blogging community is besmirtched and I'll never be respected by anyone viewing my page and.... hang about. What am I playing at? Bloggers aren't respected any road.