Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy flippin' Valentine's Day.

Or, as Kristen calls it, Single Awareness Day.
I'm broke, so no gifts this year, but I still wanted in on the festivities. Hence, this little guy:

I got the idea from the Bad Juju Knit Along. I wanted to participate in that, but couldn't justify spending the time on something so useless (but so cute). Then, ding-dong! Pincushion, moron. And a project to practice da sewing skillz. Consider him a Valentine's gift to you all.
Isn't he oh-so-cute and happy? He also comes with great accessories: Love Hurts Needles and Goodbye Cruel World Noose.

I'm naming him Buddy, because he is so helpful with my sewing projects.
There has been a bit of Knitting Olympics progress around here. Along with the sleeves, finished the back of the baby sweater:

I do admit to feeling like a cop-out in this event. It's only a baby outfit; fer cryin' out loud, it's in garter stitch. But I'm still having issues fitting it in my schedule. Oh well; it's not a creative challenge, but at least I will finish by the deadline.

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