Thursday, January 12, 2006

Killed by...

Zetta sent me this one. Get some cheap thrills by googling "[your name] was killed by", and seeing what wacky (or depressing) stuff pops up. My favorites:
1) Lainey was killed in the siege of school no. 1.
Sounds exciting.
2) Lainey was killed in a car accident involving an eighteen wheeler.
Gee, I wonder whose car was more damaged?
3) Lainey was killed by another of Liams' hired assassins in order to get to Henry.
Damn you, Henry!
4) Lainey was killed by NutraSweet.
That's just pathetic.
5) The baby survived, but Lainey was killed by the intense cold her baby produced. Even the delivery doctor had frostbite on his fingers after the delivery.
One more reason not to have children.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it crazy!! I have been telling everybody, I was thinking maybe doing something a little less morbid like, "(Name)is married too" that could get ineteresting...