Sunday, March 27, 2005


Seems like a lot of needlecraft folks are in a tizzy over the rag that Martha Satan wore for the beginning of her Second Coming. If you're not familiar with said garment, you lucky person, here's a picture to enlighten:

She's back and now she wants our SOULS!

Craft sites were overflowing with stupid posts about how gorgeous the poncho is and how much people want the pattern and blah blah blah. Many of these folks had terrible grammar, and thought that the Dark Lady had made the thing herself, which is not true. I will say that the real crocheter, a fellow inmate of Satan's, obviously has a fair amount of skill. But frankly, people, it just ain't that great. Ponchos are ten a penny these days, and most of them, including this one, look like something I'd use to wash my car. What really gets my goat is that the inmate, according to CNN, spends most of her days crocheting with yarn provided by the prison. Federally funded yarn and all the spare time in the world? Sign me up for Camp Cupcake.
Speaking of yarn, I was burrowing through my stash the other day, and I found a disturbing amount of unused skeins. I bought yarn here and there for projects, but never got around to starting them. Some of these projects-to-be have been sitting around for at least a year. And some of them have achieved Mystery status, meaning I have completely forgotten what I'd planned to do with the damned yarn when I bought it (this is now DeadWeight Yarn). So, until most of these are done, no new projects for me. I'm going to work on these projects on a first-bought, first-knit basis.

How can I complain about Martha posts when I am doing one, too?

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